Workshop on Smart IOT

SMART Homes.Measurements.Grids using IoT (Oct 10-12,2017)

Sensors, devices and appliances at home can be connected to enable communication with each other and through the internet for remote monitoring and control. Smart energy meters can be dynamically queried now for parameters such as phase voltages currents power using standard industrial protocols and the data can be logged on the internet for analysis and display. With multidrop technologies such as RS485, multiple meters can be connected to one central internet enabled node. Smart homes and smart metering will serve as essential building blocks in the realization of a smart grid.

The workshop will have industry experts in smart grid energy management and smart home giving insights into current state of the art technologies at work. The workshop will have hands on sessions using custom built hardware with sensors, actuators, and wireless connectivity on board for realizing smart home, measurements and grid applications using IoT. The workshop will also teach the participants mobile app development as the preferred mode of user interaction with the smart applications.


Mr V Vijaya Rama Raju, Associate Prof, Dept of EEE Ph.No: 9440821902

Mr M Kiran, Associate Prof, Dept of ECE Ph.No: 9440457027

Registration Fee: ₹3000

How to Apply Payment and Registartion details are available at

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