Communications Protocol Laboratory

Communications protocol Lab is intended to get practical familiarity on the various protocols used for the device or port communication. In the communication protocol lab we will understand the practical application of the various serial and parallel communication protocols like UART, Bitbanging, SPI, I2C, ZIGBEE, WIFI, BLUETOOTH, CAN protocols etc. used for embedded systems at more advanced level such as SPI based 4 digit seven segment displays, I2C based 4 digit seven segment displays which can support SPI, I2C, UART protocols, Parallel communication data bus protocol supported 16X2 LCD’s, Bluetooth protocol supported BT43 BEE Bluetooth modules, Zigbee protocol supported shields and S@C modulo, UART protocol supported ultrasonic modules. I2Cprotocol supported capacitive touch shields with integrated 3X3keypads form elect row, WF43 Wifi BEE module whichsed can support wifi protocol, Wifi protocol supported Sparkfun wifi shields, Wifi supported esp8266 modules, AVR microcontroller bases boards, USB cables, LAPTOPS,s with Window OS.

The laboratory uses the following software and devices

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