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Social Relevance and Self Reliance

Self Reliance:

G-APT (GRIET Automation Projects Team)

Automation projects using new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will find applications in all branches of engineering including Civil and Mechanical. Some automation projects and products have been implemented by ECE as well as by other departments. The team handles automation projects in a holistic manner that are typically multi-disciplinary in nature and involve many groups in the design, testing and deployment stages. Campus wide automation projects such as garden irrigation, energy and water consumption monitoring and location specific dynamic displays are taken up by the group as college demonstration projects that will showcase our capabilities in applying new technologies for real world problems.


GRIET ECE has been recognized by IETE (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers), GRSS (Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society), ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association )and IE (Institution of Engineers) student chapters where various events are conducted periodically.

Social Relevance:


GRIETINK is a platform for innovations at school Vidyadayani Vidyalayam at Ghattuppal village, Nalgonda District,Telangana. An outreach initiative by GRIET to facilitate teaching in technology to school children in rural areas. It provides technical platform to ignite their thoughts and transform their ideas into impactful products.


NSS wing of GRIET has been organized by the department of ECE headed by Dr T.Padma, Associate Dean, Green Campus along with Mrs A.Lavanya, Assistant Professor and students Shaik Noushad Ahmed (President, III year ECE), Yathiendra Vunnam (Vice President , IV Year ECE).


GRIET Community Radio

Street Cause

Street Cause (“Life without cause is like life without an effect) and Green Campus.

IOT Enabled Garden

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