Workshop ON LabVIEW and NI Hardware

Three Day Basic Level Training on “LabVIEW and NI Hardwares” in association with VI Solutions and NI, Sep 18-20,2017

LabView is a graphical programming language which can be used for not only simulation but also for building real-world systems in association with NI modules. Labview software is very much relevant to Electronics and Communication Engineers. There are many ECE-related modules in LabView. Some of them are, LabView FPGA module, LabView Real-Time Module, LabView embedded module for ARM controllers, LabView wireless sensor modules, LabView C generator modules, digital filter design toolkit etc. This software can be used by ECE UG and PG students for their projects. Also, this software will help much for research because of easiness in programming. This workshop will make the trainees ready for taking up the first level LabVIEW examination called CLAD. The entire training will be hands on.

Topics to be covered in the training

Prof P S Raju, Director,GRIET
Dr J N Murthy, Principal,GRIET
Dr K V S Raju, SAO , GRIET
Dr T Jagannadha Swamy, Professor & Head of ECE,GRIET

Resource Persons

Dr. Ayyem Pillai V, Professor ECE, GRIET
Mr. GVS Reddy, Associate Professor ECE, GRIET
Mr. KNV Khasim, Assistant Professor ECE, GRIET
Ms. B Shilpa, Assistant Professor ECE, GRIET
Ms. V Jyothi Sree, Assistant Professor ECE, GRIET
Mr. P Sampath Krishna Reddy, Assistant Professor ECE, GRIET
Mr. A. Manimaran, Senior Application engineer, VI Solutions, Bangalore


Participants should confirm their interest on or before 16 Sep 2017 .
Contact: Ms. J Naga Jyoshna, Assistant Professor (Ph.No 8074653692)

How to Apply

The applicants are required to submit hard-copy of registration form.

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