The Department has about 74 members of faculty with 11 Professors, 13 Associate Professors and 51 Assistant Professors.

S.NoNameID No.DesignationHighest QualificationSpecialization
1Dr.T Jagannadha Swamy422Professor & HeadPh.DWireless Communications
2Dr.T Padma208ProfessorPh.DSignal Processing
3Dr.V Ayyem Pillai1294ProfessorPh.DWireless Communications
4Dr.G Mamatha1301ProfessorPh.DVLSI
5Dr.Ch Usha Kumari1361ProfessorPh.DWireless Communications
6Dr.V Aravind120ProfessorPh.DImage Processing
7Shri A P N Rao210ProfessorM.EGuided Missile
8Dr.D Jayanthi1495ProfessorPh.DVLSI Design
9Dr.K Padmavathi614ProfessorPh.DSignal Processing
10Dr.K Swaraja1241ProfessorPh.DImage Processing
11Dr.K Meenakshi806ProfessorPh.DDigital Image Processing
12Mr M Kiran403Associate ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)Computers & Communications
13Mr K N Balaji Kumar676Associate ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
14Mr A Radhanand677Associate ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)Embedded Systems
15Ms N Swetha479Associate ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)Digital Systems & Computer Electronics
16Mr G V Subba Reddy579Associate ProfessorM.TechVLSI Design
17Ms G Surekha537Associate ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)VLSI System Design
18Mr K Jamal656Associate ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)VLSI Design
19Ms D L Chaitanya461Associate ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)VLSI System Design
20Mr Y Sudharsan Reddy126Associate ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)Embedded Systems
21Dr.V Sree Hari1444Associate ProfessorPh.DVLSI
22Dr.N Arun Vignesh1493Associate ProfessorPh.DWireless Communications
23Dr Sudharsan Jayabalan1564 Associate ProfessorPh.DEmbedded systems and robotics
24Dr P Asisa Kumar1566 Associate professorPh.DVLSI and Embedded Systems
25Mr N Madhusudhana Rao556Assistant ProfessorM.TechSystems & Signal Processing
26Mr M O V Pavan Kumar605Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI Sytem Design
27Ms M Suneetha645Assistant ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)Communication & Signal Processing
28Mr K N V Khasim646Assistant ProfessorM.TechCommunication Systems
29Ms R S Uma Suseela857Assistant ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)Computers & Communications
30Ms K Nagaja871Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded System Design
31Ms V Hima Bindu876Assistant ProfessorM.E(Ph.D)Telecommunication Engineering
32 Ms Ch Pratyusha Chowdari937Assistant ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)VLSI Design
33 Ms D V Prasanthi940Assistant ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)Digital Electronics & Communication Systems
34Mr T Santosh Kumar941Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
35Mr Mohd Javeed Mehdi954Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
36Ms G L Sumalata961Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
37Ms A Usha Sree970Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
38Mr N Ome1029Assistant ProfessorM.EEmbedded Systems & VLSI Design
39Mr V Vijaya Kumar1089Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI Design
40Ms B Shilpa1097Assistant ProfessorM.EMicrowave & Radar Engineering
41Ms Y Priyanka1100Assistant ProfessorM.TechDigital Systems & Computer Electronics
42Ms Mounica1101Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI Design
43Ms D Anjali1149Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
44 Mr B Veera Reddy1197Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI
45 Mr N Srinivasa Rao1208Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
46Ms V Jyothisri1224Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
47 Ms A Lavanya1225Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
48Ms K Swathi1285Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI & Embedded Systems
49Ms K Sravani1306Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI Design
50Ms K Sarvani1321Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI & Embedded Systems
51 Mr G Pradeep Reddy1332Assistant ProfessorM.TechCommunication Engineering
52 Ms N Anjani Devi1336Assistant ProfessorM.Tech(Ph,D)VLSI System Design
53Mr P Sri Ram Kumar917Assistant ProfessorM.EVLSI & Embedded Systems
54 Mr P Sampath Krishna Reddy1373Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
55Ms K P S Sravanthi1420Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
56Ms K Gayathri1421Assistant Professor
M.TechVLSI & Embedded Systems
57Mr D Yesu Babu1422Assistant ProfessorM.Tech(Ph.D)Embedded Systems
58Mr R Prashanth Kumar1423Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI
59Ms V Sirisha1430Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
60Mr K Ravikanth Reddy1431Assistant ProfessorM.EEmbedded Systems & VLSI System Design
61Ms J Naga Jyoshna1448Assistant ProfessorM.TechCommunication Systems
62Ms M Keerthi1465Assistant ProfessorM.TechDigital Electronics & Communication Systems
63Ms A Sireesha1473Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
64Ms Kumari Manisha1506Assistant ProfessorM.TechWireless & Mobile Communications
65Ms E Anjali1507Assistant ProfessorM.TechWireless & Mobile Communications
66Mr B Govardhan1508Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
67Mr Y Mareswara Rao1510Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
68Mr S Ramalingam1505Assistant ProfessorM.TechCommunication Systems
69Mr M Shankara Rao1529Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI Design
70Mr C G S Talpa Sai1530Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
71Ms V Bhavya1544Assistant ProfessorM.TechEmbedded Systems
72Ms P Lakshmi Kala1548Assistant ProfessorM.TechVLSI System Design
73Ms P Divya1550Assistant ProfessorM.TechSystems & Signal Processing
74Ms G Sruthi Reddy1555Assistant ProfessorM.TechSystems & Signal Processing